Selected press quotes

About Northbound with Bévort 3 (released feb. 9th 2024):
In her elegant, never opulent, indeed Nordic solos, Bévort shows that she is one of the country's strongest on her instrument. Someone - even in the flat democracy of jazz - must take the lead. She has done it again...." - Andreo Michaelo Mielczarek, Kristeligt Dagblad 3. March 2024, 5 stars - Read the whole review (Danish)

Northbound is a refreshing new voice in European jazz" – Angela Ballhorn, Jazzthetik, Germany March 2024
"Once again Pernille Bévort and her trio create an album that instils/commands respect." - Gaffa Feb. 26. 2024 - Read the whole review (Danish)

"An aura of mystery surrounds this music, which creates a fascinating atmosphere that quietly reveals its depth and beauty." –, Feb. 2024 - Read the whole review (German)

""An excellent release with three of Denmark's most hard-working and talented musicians." - side 33, Feb. 14, 2024, 5 stars - Read the whole review (Danish)

"Her horn (sax) make her the golden bird of Danish jazz music....
If you, like me, are pretty crazy about sax, 'Northbound' is a regular cornucopia"
- Kim Skotte, Dagbladet Politiken, 8. feb. 2024, 5 stars - Read the whole review (Danish)

".....Bévort is like an expert juggler, releasing a stream of notes from her tenor that arc and cascade with unerring gravitational logic, while hypnotizing with their flashing colors and inherent drama. When Bévort is on this sort of form she has few peers." - Ian Patterson, AllAboutJazz, 3. feb. 2024 - Read the whole review

"I don't see any reason why this trio shouldn't be a success at clubs and festivals, not only in Denmark, but at most clubs and festivals around…….what this trio delivers on this release is completely on the same level as most of the trios from the other side of the ocean." 
- Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts, dec. 2023 - Read the whole review (Norwegian)

About Live 2020-2021 with Bévort 3:
"....the spirit of those legendary saxophone trios from the 1950s and 1960s comes to life (Sonny Rollins, Lee Konitz, Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler ...). Including a stylistic range, which is still practically inexhaustible.""'s an exciting mix of strong melodies, juicy rhythms, changeable dynamics and imaginative solos."
- Patrick Spanko, SK-JAZZ, April 2022 - Read the whole review

"This is free jazz that will appeal to anyone who like music; even those who think that they are afraid of the wilder edges of the genre. This is because each player seeks a balance between the improvised and the immediate, capturing and maintaining the listeners attention with a continually fresh supply of hooks to draw in the listener and a continually switch in tempo to maintain interest and enthusiasm. In all, a masterclass in how to make the most of the sax trio format."
- Chris Baber from Jazz Views, June 2022 - Read the whole review

About On Fire with Bévort 3:
"The saxophonist's catchy heads are a springboard for her improvisations, as on the cantering opener "LOOZE," where she serves early notice of both her formidable technique and the alluring storytelling craft common to the best improvisors." - Ian Patterson, AllAboutJazz, July 2021 - Read the whole review
About BLIK with Radio Bévort:
"With this recording, Pernille Bévort has surrounded herself with a team of amazing musician and shows herself to not only be a great composer of modern jazz music but also an exceptional saxophonist and bandleader. Personally, I would say this album is one of the best discoveries of the year, I can't recommend this album highly enough."
- Jan Veldman, Jazz In Europe (July 7th 2020) - Read the whole review

"Radio Bévort surprises with an intensely clear and refined sample of modern jazz from the highly creative North" – Bernard Lefèvre, Jazzhalo May 8th 2020 -
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